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The Restaurant

L’Entracte’s restaurant offers fine dining with a menu changing within the seasons and market products.
Nod to nearby theaters, the scenery takes the golds, red, and portraits of the actors. From this set, bathed in light with rich tones but soft, it has a warm and intimate atmosphere. The Parisian excellence and talent of a young chef together have shaped an alchemy that makes the restaurant L'Entracte one of the most popular restaurants in the 8th arrondissement and the Parisian golden triangle.
The restaurant is open every day from 7 am to 11 am for breakfast and from 12 to 23p.m.

Originally, L’Entracte’s restaurant, 6 Avenue Montaigne, was the historical and main part of the Bar des Theatres, which opened in 1945. At the time on the Avenue Montaigne, no luxury shops was there but many theaters.
This proximity inspired the name to the original owners but especially gave the desire to make a high-friendly place where the customer eclecticism reigned with supremacy. This wonderful microcosm was filmed in the famous French movie, Avenue Montaigne.

L’Entracte’s restaurant kept this state of mind and the habits of the place: the famous steak tartar of the 6th Avenue Montaigne is always greedily ordered by actors, musicians and their audience, by celebrities and by so many anonymous epicureans. Each of them find there selves a restaurant of choice, pleasant guests and traditional cuisine based on bold flavors and fresh products.

Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne

The Bar

The Hôtel Montaigne’s Bar is settled to be a trendy and cozy place. The decoration, the furniture and fabrics’ choice, everything has been created to give our guests the feeling of being in the living room of a private house.

From 7 am you can organize a business breakfast or have a good time, read the daily press, try a fine pastry, or boost yourself with a fresh fruit juice for the rest of the day.

You will feel good, like home, to have a tea, deal with a business case, have a cocktail or start endless conversations.

Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne

The Menu

  • Lunch Formula

    Starter + Main Course / Main Course + Desert 27 €

  • White wines selection

    Pouilly Fumé - Pascal Jolivet 2013 / 14 - 12cl 12,00€

    Châteauneuf-du-Pape - Château La Nerthe 2013 - 75cl 105,00€

    Rosés selection

    Château de Corcelles - Rosé d'une nuit - 12cl 8,00€

    Pétale de Rose 2013 - 75cl 52,00€

    Red wines selection

    Saint Joseph - Pierre Gaillard - 12cl 15,00€

    Saint-Emilion - Château du Barry 2011 - 75cl 55,00€

    Margaux - Baron de Brane 2009 - 75cl 95,00€


    Blue Lagoon : Vodka, Blue Curaçao, Green Lemon 22,00€

    Mojito : Ron, Fresh Mint, Green Lemon, Sugar, Soda 22,00€

    French Trip : Ron ambré, Triple sec, Pineapple Juice, Banana Juice, Vanilla Liquor, Red fruits 22,00€

    Champagne Selection

    Champagne Brut Lanson Black Label - 12cl 16,00€

    Ruinart Blanc de Blancs - 75cl 190,00€

    Ruinart Rosé - 12cl 22,00€

    Champagne cocktail

    Bellini / Rossini : Champagne, peach purée / strawberry 20,00€

    Champagne Cocktail : Champagne, Cognac, sugar, Angostura bitter 20,00€

    Kir Royal : Champagne, cassis, raspberry, blackberry or peach 20,00€

    Cherry Glamour : Champagne, Cherry Brandy, Chocolate Syrup 20,00€

    Small dishes

    Dish to share at any time (9 pieces) 18,00€

    Smoked Salmon Plate 26,00€

    Chicken Nems 20,00€


    Cakes(2 pieces), Hot drink of your choice 15,00

  • Starters

    Mayonnaise Eggs 9,00 €

    Chicken spring rolls 16,00 €

    6 Special oysters Gillardeau N°4 26.00

    White Asparagus tips, hollandaise sauce 18,00€

    Fried squids, tartar sauce 17.00€

    Shrimps, avocado and grapefruit salad 16.00€

    Tomato - Burrata 16.00€

    Seasonal veloute 9,00 €

    Natural salmon tartar 18,00 €

    Parisian mushrooms salad, extra thin green beans 17,00 €

    Mimosa leeks 9.00€

    Duck foie gras and mango chutney 22,00 €

    Organic smoked salmon 22,00€

  • Fish

    Cod Aioli 33,00 €

    Tuna tataki with sesame and vegetables wok 32,00 €

    Organic cold salmon with asparagus 34,00€

    Pasta - Veggie


    Veal liver paned in Xeres vinaigre 37,00

    Beef cheese-burger 25.00

    Pepper or Bearnaise Filet Chateau 36,00€

    Roasted organic supreme chicken 26,00€

    Beef Tartare and its home-made french fries 25,00€

    Salads, club

    Chicken Club Sandwich 21,00€

    Smoked salmon club sandwich 24,00€

    Chicken Caesar Salad 25,00€

    Caesar Salad 23,00€

    Montaigne Salad (Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Green Beans) 25,00€

    For the kids

    Ground beef, dishes of your choice Vanilla ice-cream 14,00€

    Grilled chicken, dishes of your choice Vanilla ice-cream 14,00€

    Side Dishes

    Home-made french fries, Mashed Potatoes, Salad, green beans, rice 5,00 €

  • Cheese

    White cheese 0% with honey of red berries coulis 8,00€

    Cheese plate served with salad 12,00€


    Red fruits panna cotta 09,00 €

    Baked Apple 10,00

    Caramel cream 11.00

    Floating island, pink almonds 11,00 €

    Ice cream and sorbets 9,00€

    Chocolate cake, corsican clementine ice-cream 12,00€

    Gourmet coffee 10,00€

  • Room-Service

    Organic roasted chicken, automn vegetables 29,00€

    Montaigne Salad 27,00

    Chicken or Salmon Caesar Salad 26,00€

    Beef tartare with home-made french fries 28,00€

    Organic smoked salmon 28,00€

    Cottage cheese : red berries of honey 12,00€

    Fresh fruit salad 12,00€

    Rice pudding 12,00€

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