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At your service

The Montaigne tries to maintain every day the highest level of service, through a carefully selected staff and through the latest technologies of comfort and communication.

Ainsi, les clients ont toujours l’assurance d’un service attentionné et professionnel et le sentiment de disposer d’un lieu organisé comme une maison tant pour leur plaisir que pour leurs affaires, dans l’intimité de leur chambre comme à travers tout l’hôtel.

Philosophie de l'hotel Montaigne


Organized and diplomat, our housekeeper will ensure the perfect running of your stay. Very involved, she will ensure that at any time you feel like at home, that you will have nothing to ask for, that everything will be professionally anticipated .

Gouvernante de l'hotel Montaigne


The Hotel Montaigne offers you to discover Paris like you’ve never seen or lived. Our Concierge team aims to delight lovers of art, gastronomy, thrilled sensations and original experiences.

Have you ever dreamed of discovering the workshops of a great perfumer? Do you enjoy great wines? What if we offered you to taste the best wines in a picturesque cellar of the Latin Quarter? How about a private tour of the Cernuschi museum and its collections of Asian art with a cocktail? Or perhaps a historical tour of the Louvre with the heir to the crown?

By simply booking a restaurant in the complete organization of a personalized stay, our Concierge respond at any time to any request. And the Montaigne address book realizes, as if by magic, the least of your desires.

Concierge de l'hotel Montaigne

Room Service

If you have tried a new Parisian restaurant each night of your stay, if you just got out of a tiring meeting, you may not feel like having a meal outside, to dress up to go out. Why not staying at home?

We can satisfy your cravings without you having to set foot outside your room, we will serve your hearty meal as well as a breakfast in bed. Welcome Home.

Room Service de l'hotel Montaigne


Our customers are lovely. To maintain their beauty, the Hôtel Montaigne offers a unique beaut y treatments in your room. From a simple manicure to a facial treatment, a revitalizing brushing to a complicated bun, everything will be possible without the need to leave your room. You r night will be even more than perfect.

Beauté à l'hotel Montaigne

Welcome Home

Anna is a woman of taste. She loves to come to Paris to touch the Fashion in its most valuable and most exclusive setting. She loves the Parisian way of life: the elegance of the vendors of the rue Cambon, trim of the Maison Goyard, the addictive leather Hermes, and especially the Avenue Montaigne where fashion never seems to go out of style. Edward is top athlete. He knows that everyone is on the lookout for its performance, or even his shots. Yet when he has to make a hotel choice, Edward requires a change of scenery, away from the changing rooms and competition. He seeks something else, something more feminine. A place where he is recognized but approached with discretion and respect, a place where we know his tastes, but where he may be someone else. Anna is a follower of the web, she sought her hotel for Paris on it. This space will have the desired elegance but also a "je ne sais quoi" that confirms her choice without hesitation. Edward relies on to Jennifer. His assistant advised him the Montaigne Hotel assuring him that it was going to change large impersonal palaces. She did not disappoint him. When Jennifer called the hotel, we recognize her. No name is pronounced but the hotel knows what Edward needs. His stay is all traced. He will enter being unknown at the hotel but will be immediately taken in hand. The hotel is quiet, Edward was never bothered and yet everything seems warm, close, familiar. Anna likes to delve into the history of the neighborhood. She imagines also crossing by the great designers in a meeting in a shop with an important client. She also enjoys proximity to many cultural sites and exhibitions. Anna is surprised by so much attention: only she expressed the desire for beauty treatments, a beautician appeared in her room. She is now dressed to organize her business appointments. Sometimes she is planning a meeting at the Bar of the Hotel Montaigne as it feels good and she loves the details. She would take home an iconic memory of these beautiful objects at the hotel. Edward met several times with the direction of Montaigne. Not because of complaints to make. Just as in every great house on a human scale, management is available and is very caring for its guests. A special moment for Edward is breakfast; he loves above all the atmosphere of the urban bistro but in a private sphere, this 5-star service, these fresh products. He could never enjoy all these benefits in an apartment. It is also believed that Anna enjoys a splendid and delicious beef tartare at lunchtime. Anna really enjoyed her stay in Paris: the hotel has brought her all the necessary rest between its many activities, he also guided her so that she can enjoy Paris. Montaigne Hotel took care of it. She feels like at home, the Hotel Montaigne became his mansion forever.