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The Restaurant

L’Entracte’s restaurant offers fine dining with a menu changing within the seasons and market products.
Nod to nearby theaters, the scenery takes the golds, red, and portraits of the actors. From this set, bathed in light with rich tones but soft, it has a warm and intimate atmosphere. The Parisian excellence and talent of a young chef together have shaped an alchemy that makes the restaurant L'Entracte one of the most popular restaurants in the 8th arrondissement and the Parisian golden triangle.
The restaurant is open every day from 7 am to 11 am for breakfast and from 12 to 23p.m.

Originally, L’Entracte’s restaurant, 6 Avenue Montaigne, was the historical and main part of the Bar des Theatres, which opened in 1945. At the time on the Avenue Montaigne, no luxury shops was there but many theaters.
This proximity inspired the name to the original owners but especially gave the desire to make a high-friendly place where the customer eclecticism reigned with supremacy. This wonderful microcosm was filmed in the famous French movie, Avenue Montaigne.

L’Entracte’s restaurant kept this state of mind and the habits of the place: the famous steak tartar of the 6th Avenue Montaigne is always greedily ordered by actors, musicians and their audience, by celebrities and by so many anonymous epicureans. Each of them find there selves a restaurant of choice, pleasant guests and traditional cuisine based on bold flavors and fresh products.

Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne Restaurant de l'hotel Montaigne

The Bar

The Hôtel Montaigne’s Bar is settled to be a trendy and cozy place. The decoration, the furniture and fabrics’ choice, everything has been created to give our guests the feeling of being in the living room of a private house.

From 7 am you can organize a business breakfast or have a good time, read the daily press, try a fine pastry, or boost yourself with a fresh fruit juice for the rest of the day.

You will feel good, like home, to have a tea, deal with a business case, have a cocktail or start endless conversations.

Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne Bar de l'hotel Montaigne

The Menu

  • Cocktails

    Classics 15,00 €

    Signatures 18,00 €

    Cocktails with Champagne 21,00 €


    Cheeses plate to share 11,00 €

    Chicken or Gambas Caesar salad 22 € / 25 €

    The Entracte Plate (2 chicken rolls, 2 foie gras toasts, 2 smoked salmon toasts) 17,00 €

    Foie gras "au naturel" 15,00 €

    Chicken rolls 12,00 €

    Beers (33cl)

    Blanche de Namur 8.00 €

    Corona 8.00 €

    1664 8.00 €

    Heineken 8.00 €

    La Parisienne 8.00 €

    Sodas and Juices

    Detox fresh fruits juice "Good Organic Only" 10,00 €

    Fruits juices from Alain Milliat (33cl) - Appel, Apricot, Peach, Pear, Raspberry 8,00 €

    Sodas (33 ou 25cl) - Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, Coca-Cola zero, Sprite, Lipton Ice-Tea, Schweppes, Orangina 8,00 €

    Fresh fruits juices - Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange 12,00 €

    Still and Sparkling Waters

    Evian (50cl) 8,00 €

    Badoit (50cl) 8,00 €

    Ferrarelle (100cl) 9,00 €

    Red Badoit (33cl) 6,00 €

    Evian (33cl) 6,00 €

    Perrier (33cl) 8,00 €

    Hot drinks - Coffees, teas and herbal teas from Maison Richard

    Expresso 5,50 €

    Noisette  5,50 €

    Cappucino 10,00 €

    Double expresso 10,00 €

    Americano 5,50 €

    Teas and Herbal teas- Earl grey, Ceylan, Darjeeling, Lapsang Souchong, Sencha, Jasmine - Fresh mint, Verbena, Chamomile, Linden 10,00 €


    Bar ceviche Avocado / coriander / pickles 18,00 €

    Chicken wrap 16,00 €

    Organic Quinoa Young lettuce shoots 14.00 €

    Smoked salmon Cream & blinis 22,00 €

    Plate of foie gras 23.00 €


    Organic Salmon Fumé chaud, courgettes & citrons confits 26,00 €

    Angus beef steak Homemade potato, choron sauce 31.00 €

    Supreme chicken Vegetables, sage broth 24

    Risotto*                                                                                             Roquette & grilled vegetables 24

    Line Fish Topping at your choice 29,00 €

    Beef Tartar Homemade fires 23,00 €


    King Crab salad 34,00 €

    Chicken Caesar salad 24,00 €

    Caesar Montaigne salad Romaine /Prawns, herbal vinegar 25,00 €

    Fresh Salad Tomato / Avocado / Cucumber 21,00 €

    Arrabiata Orzo 23,00 €

    Chicken Club sandwich 25,00 €

    Salmon Club sandwich 27

    For the kids

    Ground beef, dishes of your choice Vanilla ice-cream 18,00€

    Grilled chicken, dishes of your choice Vanilla ice-cream 18,00€


    White rice, homemade fries, mashed potatoes, green beans, Spinach salad. 6,00 €

  • Cheese

    Ripened cheese 14,00 €


    Japanese pearl Mango soup & yuzu 10,00 €

    Pavlova Red fruits & basil 11,00 €

    Chocolate Saint Domingue Ginger & caramelized pistachios 13.00 €

    Rice pudding Citrus and verbena cream 11,00 €

    Plate of fresh fruits 12,00 €

    Ice cream and sorbets 11,00 €

  • Please, see our restaurant menu

    All our restaurant menu is available for room-service from 12am to 11pm (same prices)

    Room-Service menu

    homemade fries  12

    Assorted cake selection 23

    Chicken Caesar salad 24

    Green salad 12

    Vegetables soup 16

    Salmon club sandwich  Homemade fries  27

    Chicken club sandwich  homemade fries  25

    Plate of cheese  14

    Plate of smoked salmon and blinis 22

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